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Resistance soldering

Resistance soldering of the items that need restoration is one of the services our jewelers are ready to provide to you. We are talking about an innovative technology here, powerful enough to reanimate a broken ornament, still valuable for you, or create another masterpiece based on it, according to your plan.

Resistance soldering is distinctive in that it is performed with no thermal load i.e. we do not apply heat to a piece of jewelry. The jeweler uses microscope as a tool that results in perfect welds.

Our technology is especially different in that it creates a potential for restoring goldware and silverware jewelled with gems of all sizes, to allow the metal base manipulations directly next to them. Please note that the most gems cannot survive high temperatures resistance technology, therefore, provides the only possible method of working with such jewelry.

The resistance soldering process enables us to build up the broken bezels, seal up internally sprung clasps, fill pinholes, pockets and misruns, and dramatically improve the quality of joint seams up to the highest possible standards.

With the use of the technology we can restore not only precious metal wares but also a fashion jewelry including items made of aluminum and stainless alloys.