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Sudraba izstrādājumu apzeltīšana (Bija - kļuva)We provide silverware gilding services. Innovative technology used by our jewelers results in truly magic.

The easiest way to the perfect gilding quality is by processing newly purchased jewelry not yet in the wear. Say, you liked a silverware but you’d rather prefer to have it made of gold? Or, you are hesitating about spending money on a beautiful piece of goldware while you see its silverware counterpart in the next shop window? Please stop speculating around, just acquire it and bring to us, and we will happy to apply a coating that will look very much alike, undistinguishable from the genuine.

It is somewhat technologically more difficult to perform gilding of a jewelry that has been in intense wear – or a centuries-old one, bearing traces of use and long-term storage. In this case, we do working on it a while longer – a ring or a bracelet, or other jewelry should be polished first, next it’s rinsed using special technology, and then, a new decorative layer could be applied.

An additional processing step is required where the jewelry is scratched – in this case, we should bring the surface to its initial smooth state first, otherwise the defects will be replicated during gilding.

Sudraba izstrādājumu apzeltīšana, restaurācija (Bija - kļuva)


We use state-of-the-art galvanic cell where the treatment is based on the immersion of an item into plating solution, and so we create gold-plated coatings and more, including:

  • Rhodium;
  • Ruthenium;
  • In colors of red and yellow, and coppery brown hue;
  • Ceramic including red, green, blue, and violet colors.

Each piece of jewelry, despite the common underlying technology, requires and individual approach resulted from the properties of material, technology and time of its making, and gems and pearls present (if any). When handing the finished item to its owner, we always instruct him or her about proper handling and the precautions to be followed in order for the coating to last as long as possible.