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Types of backings for earrings

English lock - This is the most popular type of earring closures. This closure is best suited for large or heavy earrings. The earring hook is secured to a thin hinged lever which folds out of the back of the earring. When you hear the typical clicking sound, you can be ensured that the earring is securely fixed in the ear. Reliability is the main advantage of a lever back closure.


Ring - This closure naturally continues the form of the earring itself. Most commonly a thin rod is integrated in the earring, and it holds the earring in place. This closure lends elegance to the jewelry. However, at night these earrings should be taken off to avoid damaging the earring.


Hook – This closure has a form of a little hook. The hook can be inserted in the ear without a backing, or it can be fixed by a small loop. The hook lies behind the ear and repeats the contour of the earlobe, thus ensuring a refined and delicate look. A hook with a lock has a small loop at the base of the earring which helps to keep the earring in place. This type of closure is often used in business style and everyday jewelry.

Chain  -  A thin chain is threaded through the pierced earlobe, and the earring is held in place by the weight of the decorative element. Ease of putting on and taking off is the main advantage of this type of earrings. They look very elegant and they accentuate beauty and sexiness of the wearer.


Studs – This closure firmly fixes the earring in its place. Usually it serves as a platform for one or more stones. There are two styles of stud closures. It can be a push back where a tiny groove prevents the backing from slipping off. The second style has a grooved end on the earring’s post that screws into a backing and holds the earring in place. Stud earrings are comfortable to wear, they are small, and they elegantly and naturally showcase the beauty of the gemstones. 

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