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River pearls

Sparkle like a pearl with pearls!

Origin of wearing pearls is age-olg, pearls have been the symbol of worth, power and wealth in all times. Pearls are a classic adornment, wich never gets out of fashion and never loses its topicality. Furthermore, there is no other gemstone, wich have fascinated and taken over so many peoples imagination for decades, inspiring them to create priceless art-works.

If diamonds still are considered as "girls best friends", than "ladys most reliable friends", indesputably are pearls, clearly pointing out high membership of the wearer. Between pearl admirers we can mention Kleopatra, Merlin Monroe, Princess Diane, Elizabeth Tailor, Jacqueline Kennedy, Mila Janovich, and many other well-known society ladies, all over the world. 

Nowadays, when people have acquired the art of cultivating pearls, almost everyone can afford pearl jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, rings and culons are widely viewable, and available in our jewelry salons.

How to easy, succesfully and fast find out if pearls ar real or fake?

- There is multiple so called "Folk methods", heres some of them:

- Most usual, but with a guarantee is "biting", its when you put a pearl in your mouth and rub between teeth. The real one, will seem crispy, a bit sandy. But the fake one will be absolutely smooth, because its covered with lacquer.

- If scratching a pearl with knife or other sharp object, on the fake one will stay signs of scratching, but the real ones is not damaged by mechanical affecting.

- If a real pearl is putted in dense liquid, it doesn't sink.

- You can allow pearl to fall from height between 40-50 cm, on solid surface. The real ones will bounce, but the fake ones wil stay almost rigid.

- Real pearls are heavy and cold, you can feel the difference between fake and real ones, even holding them in hands for a moment.

What should be kept in mind when taking care of pearls?

There is organic substances in pearls, and by the time pearls dry out and decomposes, therefore pearls have a set life expectancy, by the time they fade, split and crumble, but if you keep in mind some basics, when taking care of your pearls, they dont lose their beauty, even several hundreds of years.

Greatest "enemies" of perls are : Polluted air, humidity, high temperatures and bright light.

The first golden rule, for pearls to "stay young" is simply to wear them. Explanation is easy and biological - if this kind of jewelry is worn regullary or at least enough often, then pearls are put in effect of sweat, thereby they are naturally moisturized, and it protects pearls from desiccation, moldering and keeps their natural shine.

Pearls consists from about 2 percent of water, so they should be strictly protected from heating and open flames, otherwise pearls can crack and loose their shine. Pearls are adversely affected by acids, abrasive materials, harmful chemical fumes and cosmetics. Also pearls "are not friends" with any kind of perfume or oils. Easiest way to take care of pearls at home is to simply wash them in light soap-water or rub with potato starch.

Pearls can't be stored in very dry, sunny or humid place. You have to definitely take off pearl jewelry, before washing. Going in sauna or swimming in pool with pearl jewelry is also not recommended. For this explanation is easy - pearls is not heat-resistant, so pearls in jewelry are not soldered, but pasted in, and this type of jewelry in prolonged effect of humidity, loses its ressistance, so you can simply lose your jewelery piece.

What to do if it have happened?

When going to jeweler, remember that every pearl is unique formation of nature with different shape, color and size. For example, if you lost one pearl from pair of earrings, then finding another identical ir very complicated, if you want both pearls to be similar, it is recommended to change both of them.

SIA ‘’Vigorius’’ wishes a long and beautiful liftetime to you and your pearls, and reminds you, that in our salons you can purchase and order jewelry with river pearls, wich our jewelers have made in only one copy.