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Description of gemstone

Language of gemstones is a language of feelings.

Brilliant – Diamond, cut in a form with numerous facets. It is considered to be the most precious of all stones. The main factor determining the value of the stone is its quality: how geometrically precise and proportional are the facets. Ideal cut has a code “A”, further letters are allocated according to the decrease in quality. Clarity of the stone depends on presence of impurities. According to color diamonds are classified as transparent or fancy colored (pink, blue). The weight is measured in carats.

This stone possesses an amazing energy. It is a crown jewel. There is an intense power enclosed in it. It is believed that this stone can protect its owner from any misfortune or illness.

Many newlyweds deliberately are choosing wedding rings with diamonds. This stone is a symbol of pure love and trust in each other. However, diamond jewelry is not only for weddings. There are many other occasions: birth of a child, wedding anniversary, first kiss. All of these precious moments can become even more memorable by presenting this stone to your loved one. Real men choose diamond jewelry as a present, because these stones make the woman feel like a true queen.

Sapphire – transparent variety of the corundum. It has either light or deep blue color. The unique color is given by titanium and iron. The name „sapphire” is derived from ancient Indian word „canipriya” – loved by Saturn, - and it is a gemstone. This stone brings fidelity and happiness in love. It strengthens trust and purity of the soul, and it also fosters creative ability.

Emerald – it is a variety of the mineral beryl. It has a saturated velvety green color. Pure beryl has no color; it is colored green by traces of chromium. Emeralds are mined in Colombia, in Muzo, where the stones of the most amazing grass green color are mined.

Emerald has a positive energy, it has healing properties, and it is a talisman for mothers. This stone can protect the woman and the domestic bliss. Emeralds ensure permanence of feelings, wealth, and bring tranquility and solace.

Ruby – it is one of the most expensive stones in the world. An ideal quality ruby from Myanmar is more expensive than a diamond. The reason for that is the fact that rubies of large size are very rare.

Ruby is a variety of the mineral corundum. Its color varies from deep pink to saturated red with a violet hue. The most highly valued rubies are red stones with a slight tint of blue.

This is a stone of ardent ant passionate love, self confidence and business success. It accompanies power and majesty. This is the most ancient precious stone, and it is a subject of countless legends. 


Semi-precious stones These stones are often used in jewelry. Their beauty and healing properties equal those of precious stones.


 Amethist is a variety of quartz. Its color can be violet, deep purple, pink, blood red. I overexposed to sunlight, the color of the amethyst can fade.

Amethysts are mined in Kola Peninsula. Crystals mined there have an even deep purple tone. Amethysts are also mined in Brazil, North America and Ural region.

Amethyst is called a stone of harmony and relaxation, it is believed to avert conflicts. Its properties help to get rid of negative thoughts. Mainly it is due to the violet color which symbolizes the „third eye”.



Color of turmaline – Pink, red, orange-brown, green, blue, reddish-violet, black, transparent, multicolored.

Turmaline is found in - Schri-Lank, Madagascar, China, Mozambique, Brasil, Burma, Angolia, India, Canad, USA, Italy, Schwitzerland, Tajikistan and Russia.

Turmalne crates feling of calmness and safety. They can promote creativity, and buoyancy. They are used for concentrating attention in meditation.

Topaz mostly is transperent, but its color can vary from brown and vine-yellow, to bue, pink, golden, orange and reddish-orange.

Topaz is found in Russia, in Mountains of Ural.

Topaz symbolises forethought and caution,love and friendship,faith and honesty,it' s a stone of souls purity and softness. Topaz makes its owner natty, honest and generous,protects from disease and evil eye.


Opal can be in all colors of the rainbow, experts have counted more than 100 shades of opal.

Opal is found in all continents, but almost 97% of all is gaines in Australia. Opal is often found in thin layers, large pieces is rarely found.

Opal is a stone of good thoughts, faith and empathy. It symbolises volatility of destiny.

Color of garnet : Red, bright red, orange, violet.

Garnet is mostly found in Carelia, Demi-island of Coles, Russia and USA.

Garnet symbolises fame, love, beauty and perseverance. It promotes ardency and purposefulness.


Color of turquoise – Dark-bue, light-blue, aeruginous, green, mostly with brown spots.

Turquoise is found in Egypt, Iran, Afganistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, USA, Tanzania, USA, Tanzania, Australia and Argentina.

Turquoise is a symbol of luck and victory. Improves intuition and ambitions, forethougth and comprehension. It symbolises real and permanent love, brings happiness in family, attracts friends and beloved ones. Protects from woe and illness.


Color of lazurite - From blue, to blue-gray or green-gray. Most precious stones are saturate blue or blue-violet.

Lazurite is found in Afganistan, Russia, Argentina, Chile, USA, Myanmar and Tajikistan.

Lazurite is a symbol of luck, success and welth. It helps to get rid of thoughts, wich shouldn't be long kept in mind, attracts love and friendship. "Stone of the sky" with its magical properties develops owners spirit and body.


Many sorts of coral are listed, from white "bianco", to bright-red, wich is called "fiery". Very precious is blue coral "acori", black corall and the Hawaii golden.

Many cays are found in cold waters of Atlantic ocean, near Scotland. Major cay is located near Australia and it' s 2200 km long.

Coral is associated as a  gem-stone of sea. It symbolises modesty, happiness and immortality. It makes its owner inquisitive, prevents misfortune, protects from enemies and trouble.

Mostly amber is orangy-transparent, it can be wax-yellow, brown, black and dark.

Pit of amber in Kaliningrad, Russia provides around 90% of worlds amber. But in big amounts it's found in Sicilia, Rumania, Myanmar, Canada, in coast of Atlantic ocean in USA, Mexico, Dominican, Ukraine, also in small quantities in Baltic sea.

Amber is topped with sunlight, symbolises drop of flaming sun and love. Soothes sarrows and protects from ill luck. Amber brings happiness, luck, gives beauty and long life, protects its owner from diseases.