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Signs of the zodiac and stones


AQUARIUS (21.01-19.02) - azurite, aquamarine, amethyst, garnet, quartz, obsidian, nacre, zircon.
РЫБЫ PISCES (20.02 -03.20) - aquamarine, coral, moon stone, opal, nacre, chrysolite, gaggle.
ОВЕН ARIES  (21.03-19.04) - Diamond, rock chrystal, zircon.
ТЕЛЕЦ TAURUS  (20.04 – 20.05) - Aventurine,agate,alexandrite,amazonite, turquoise, malachite.
БЛИЗНЕЦЫ GEMINI (21.05-21.06) - agate, amethyst, beryl, cat's eye, obsidian, cornelian, tiger's eye, citrine.
РАК CANCER(22.06 - 07.22) - Aventurine, hematite, emerald, nacre, moon stone.
ЛЕВ LEO (23.07-22.08) - rock chrystal, obsidian, ruby, amber, topaz, turmaline, spinel.
ДЕВА VIRGO (23.08-23.09) - Avanturine, heliotrope, rock chrystal, cat's eye,nephritis, onyx, tiger' s eye, jasper.
ВЕСЫ LIBRA  (24.09-23.10) - Malachite, nephryte, rodonite, rubelyte
СКОРПИОН SCORPIO  (24.10-22.11) - Alexandrite, apatite, gaggle, hematite, garnet, topaz.
СТРЕЛЕЦ SAGITARIUS  (23.11-21.12) - Alexandrite, turquoise,lazurithe, obsidian, sapphire, turmaline, chalcedony.
КОЗЕРОГ CAPRICORN  (22.12-20.01) - almandine, gaggle, obsidiane, rauhtopaz, turmaline.

Stones for every month

January - Alexandrite, almandine, amethyst, garnet, pink quartz, sapphire.

February - Amethyst, pink quartz, turmaline.

March - Aquamarine, heliotrope, jasper.

April - Diamond, quartz, white sapphire, zircons, white topaz.

May - Agate, nephrite, emerald, nepphrite, nacre, chalcedony, hrizopraze.

Juny - Agate, nacre, emerald, moon stone, hrizopraze.

July - Ruby, cornelian, onyx.

 August - Moon stone, cornelian, chrysolite.

September - Lazurite, sapphire, beryl.

Oktober - Aquamarine, beryl, cat's eye, opal, turmaline.

November - Sapphire, tigers eye, topaz, citrine.

December - Turquoise, lazurite, ruby, zircon.

Planets and stones

Sun - In astrology it's an incarnation of will, life energy and strenght. Sun is associated with creativity, independence and uniqueness. Stones of this planet are - aventurine, heliodoro, cornelian, topaz, zircon and amber.

Mercury - Is considered as a planet of intelligence. Stones of Mercury - apatite, heliotrope, emerald, citrine and jasper.

Venus - The planet of youth, passion, love and romance. It' s associated with dreaminess, softness and emocionality. Stones of Venus- Almandine, turquoise, emerald, nepphrite, garnet, lazurite, malachite.

Moon – It' s connected to subconsciousness, dreams, intuition and fantasies. Stones of the Moon - Aquamarine, amazonite, beryl, garnet, nepphryte, nacre, moon-stone, opal.

Mars - Symbolizes struggle, action, strenght, power and freedom. Incarnation of this planet is physical energy, bravery and commitment. Stones of Mars are - hematite and flint.

Jupiter - Symbol of confidence. Jupiter is associated with knowledge and welth. Stones of Jupiter - Azurite, turquoise, garnet, sapphire, jasper.

Saturn - It's a cold and frowning planet and it can grant these qualities to people. It's a planet of destiny, maturity and wisdom. Stones of the Saturn - agate, gaggle, chalcedony.

Uranium - Symbolises spiritual wisdom, telepacy, intuition and clayrvoiance. Stone of the Uranioum is lazurite.

Neptune - Symbolises unity of the world, wich creates feelings and emotions. Stones of the Neptune - avanturine, agate, amethyst, coral, chalcedony.