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Wedding rings

One of the most beautiful days in everyones life is their wedding, when two people unite their lives and say magical ''yes'' to the beloved one. Specifically designed wedding rings, will make this day and your future joint road span, special and unforgettable. 

What basic criteria should be kept in mind, to succesfully choose the right wedding rings, wich will not only delight you and your beloved one, recalling your beautiful union, the rest of your lifes, but will also emphasize each ones bright individuality and unique taste? Its worth to remember some of the main criteria:

  • Profile of the ring,
  • Width of the ring,
  • How many colors will be includet in ring ,
  • How much and what kind of gemstones you want and what will be the size and layout of gemstones.

Profile of the ring.

Most common profiles of wedding rings are half-round or rectangular. For adjacent fingers to feel comfortable and for ring not to discomfort in everyday life, its necessary, that ring profile thickness is at least 1.3 mm-1.5mm.

There's also a combinated profile, for example, the ring base profile is rectangular, but theres embed a half-round profile, on top of it, thereby it makes an exclusive, two-storey impression.

Width of the ring.

Traditionally width of the wedding rings is between 2 mm and 10 mm. But if you decide to order by individual design, exclusive and unique wedding rings, recommended width is at least 5 mm.

How much shades of gold can be included in the ring?

Mostly wedding rings are formed, using one, two or three colors of gold. Most whispread colors of gold is red, yellow and white. Combination of shades in wedding rings can vary in wide range, for example, if width of the ring is 6 mm, then, 2 mm can be formed from white gold, but 4 mm from red gold. Shades can also vary in shape of the wedding ring, its possible to form gold in straight, gentle and wavy design.

Number and position of gemstones in wedding rings.

Usually, wedding rings are embed with diamonds, mostly women choose to have a ring with gemstones, but its also possible to add diamonds in man ring. Amount of diamonds, depends on young couples wishes and wealth.

Mostly wedding rings are formed from gold of 585 alloy, it can be in different or several colors, but golden from alloy 750 is used less often.

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