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Composition of precious metal

Gold is a noble and precious metal. Gold jewelry symbolizes prestige, opulence, and social status.

Content:  purity of gold in jewelry business is defined as 999.9 parts from 1000. It is almost impossible to obtain an absolutely pure gold; therefore is accepted one thousand part of impurities in a form of other metals. If a hallmark on a gold piece says 585, it means that there are 58.5% pure gold and the remaining 41.49% are other metals (usually copper and silver) which lend color to the metal alloy. Hallmarks nr. 375, 585, and 750 are the most common in jewelry production. The higher the number of the hallmark, the less dense is the metal; it can deform and scratch easily.

Basic colors of the 585 hallmark: Natural color of gold is yellow. However, due to other metals of different color being widely used to produce gold alloys, the final color of the gold is determined by the color of the added metal.

- Rose gold

Tones of red color are obtained by adding copper. A further added component is silver. It provides sheen and luster to the rose gold article. 


- Yellow gold

It is considered to be the most traditional color. The alloy contains silver. The higher the silver content the lighter is the color of the article. The coloring can range from yellow to pale lemony tone. In European countries jewelry from yellow gold is preferred.


- White gold

Jewelry made from white gold has risen in popularity recently. They are appreciated and loved by the beautiful half of the humankind. Factory manufactured white gold is coated with rhodium to obtain bright white tone.   

All articles in our catalogue are certified, and they have the appropriate hallmarks.