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Purchasing jewelry is far from being an everyday business for most of us. Imagine you are about to buy an exclusive piece of jewelry as a gift to your significant other and you cannot put that exciting moment back but – you are still on a budget to pay that amount?

The advantage of purchasing jewelry of silver and gold from Vigorius is: you can gain benefits of prompt lending due to the partnership between our jewelry brand and LATEKO LĪZINGS, a non-banking credit company whose reputation is strongly supported by its successful presence in the financial market since 1990s.

What does your favorite jewelry buying process on credit with LATEKO LĪZINGS look like?

Everything is as simple as ABC and, above all, fast. Our advisor will fill out a special form for you to submit at the office of the financial company. Verification by the lender will not take long and – provided that your credit worthiness is beyond question – the shop will be informed immediately.

The result is: you leave use taking your purchase away with you, and your further credit payments will be made to LATEKO LĪZINGS exclusively.


Lateko līzings