Terms and Conditions


Warranty conditions:

1. All jewellery has a 2-year warranty (from the date of purchase).
2. In order to determine the compliance with the warranty repair conditions – is it a manufacturing defect or the result of incorrect use, an expert-examination is carried out regarding each submitted application, which is conducted by a certified jeweller and/or VSIA “Latvijas proves birojs”:

  • If a manufacturing defect is found, we provide a free warranty repair within one month;
  • If the jewellery cannot be repaired, we will change it to an equivalent or refund money.

3. SIA “VIGORIUS” reserves the right to assess the possibility to make repairs, exchange the product or refund money.
4. The buyer has to present the cheque of the products or internet bank printout.

The guarantee does not apply to mechanical damages of the products or other defects resulting from non-compliance with the provisions regarding the use and maintenance of the jewellery including careless treatment or incorrect use, wrong cleaning and/or storage or it has been found that you have tried to repair these products by yourself!

Terms and conditions of jewellery maintenance and use

To make your jewellery serve you and to preserve it as long as possible, it is important to comply with the terms and conditions of the products use and maintenance.

You have to store jewellery in a case with a soft lining, which will protect the jewellery from dust, moisture, and light.

In order to protect the jewellery from mechanical and chemical damage, the jewellery has to be removed:

  • while doing homework, washing dishes;
  • while bathing, showering and in bathhouse and sauna;when using creams, ointments, hair lacquer, perfume;while sunbathing, swimming;before going to bed or sports.

It is important to recall some of the rules of jewellery use, which are often forgotten and not taken into account thus exposing the new jewellery to mechanical damage.

It is prohibited to:

  • wear the jewellery under close-fitting clothes;
  • wear in a chain a pendant that is heavier than the chain;
  • wear several pendants in one chain simultaneously.

At home, you can clean the jewellery using special jewellery liquids and fabrics.

Do not use abrasive substances – toothpaste, sand, etc.

Over time, under impact of carrying and environment, the jewellery may fade, lose lustre, turn yellow, become darker.

To return the original look and splendour to your jewellery, entrust the cleaning and polishing to a professional master.

How to order a product

To place an order on our website, just follow the instructions below:

  • Select the section (for example, “rings”);
  • Select the group (for example, “with stones”);
  • Select the preferred jewellery and click on the photo – a page with detailed information will open;
  • Click “add to cart”;
  • Fill in the order form.

If you want to continue searching for other products and ordering, click on “continue shopping”. In this case, you can complete the order later.

In the order form:

  • Name, surname, e-mail;
  • Delivery address (if you plan to order a gift, you can specify another person as the recipient of the order);
  • Delivery/payment (select the most convenient delivery and payment options);
  • Click “order”.

Your order status will be sent to the specified e-mail. In case a particular product is not available, we will offer a similar item or cancel the order.

You can pay for your order by transfer (if the products are delivered to the specified address) or in cash (if you plan to receive the order in our shop). The price specified in the website is final (with VAT). In addition, delivery costs may be included in the product price. Delivery shall be paid by the buyer.

Cancelling of the products

You have the possibility to cancel the order at any time before the payment by calling us or sending us an e-mail message.

Return or exchange of products: Form:

Return policy for items purchased online

You have the right to cancel at any time from the moment you place your online order, and up to 14 days from the day you receive your goods.

What do you need to return the item:

  • the cost of return of the item shall be borne by the customer;
  • the item must be new (without damage, without signs of wear, with a non-removed tag);
  • You need to fill in the return form of the item (link).

Once we receive your item, a refund is initiated within 5 days. Alternatively, it is possible to exchange an item for equal (the same price) or even greater value (pay the difference). If the item has a manufacturing defects, service (repairing) and delivery of the item to the customer shall be free of charge. Items with manufacturing defects shall be interchangeable or repairable within 14 days of the purchase of the item. If the manufacturing defect is not detected, the repair is carried out on a separate fee.

Being a client-oriented company we try to be flexible enough for our customers and offer better solutions in any situation

 Delivery rules

            We are delivering our jewellery using:

  • Express Mail – throughout Latvia within 3 working days. Price 5-10 Eur
  • UPS - European Union countries within 5-7 working days. Price 25-60 Eur

It is important to provide the exact address, postal code, telephone number, staircase code, office number, etc. Delivery may be delayed if incorrect data is specified.

At the delivery/receipt of the order the personal identification document (passport, ID card or driving licence) must be presented.

Force majeure

SIA “Vigorius” cannot guarantee a complete fulfilling of orders and is not responsible for order delay or non-fulfilment in case of unforeseeable circumstance, which cannot be affected, such as:

  • natural disasters, social life circumstances (war, revolution, strikes);
  • explosions, fires, acts of terrorism;
  • actions by the authorities;
  • communication disorders (internet, mobile communication networks, software).

In such situations, our company will try to do everything possible to restore full provision of the services in the shortest time.

Pricing policy

The prices of our jewellery in the internet-catalogue are given in euros (EUR) including taxes (VAT and/or other taxes, in accordance with Latvian legislation).

Prices in the website are regularly updated. If, when ordering a product, the product price differs from the price in the internet-catalogue, our specialist will contact you to clarify order details or cancel it, as well as offer a proper alternative or a pleasant discount. Unfortunately, in rare cases, such situations may occur; however, since good relations with the clients is one of our priorities, we will find alternative options for the convenience of our clients.

Confidentiality of private information

For the convenience of our clients, we have created a jewellery website, where you can find a jewellery catalogue and order jewellery with delivery.

For regular clients we offer particularly advantageous prices, special promotions and other news via SMS text messages. Thus, to provide a convenient service to the client, we use personal information (name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address).

Your personal information is strictly protected from transfer to third parties, is not sold to other market participants and is not used on the internet. Disclosure of personal data is prohibited in accordance with the company internal rules, as well as in accordance with the valid legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

In order to ensure the data base integrity, our company shall take all necessary safeguards, including software acquisition and personnel training.

In emergency situations, upon request of national and local government authorities, our company has to disclose personal data within the law. It is important to note that our company does not require and processes the consumer's personal information but receives it with the client's consent.

Accuracy of information

Trying to provide our clients with the most accurate and latest information in the jewellery descriptions in the internet-catalogue (price, product availability, and model), we regularly update our website. Taking into account that this information may vary at any time, it is impossible to guarantee and ensure its updating every minute during the day. In any case, you always can contact us in the most convenient way to obtain a precise information about the product you are interested in.